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Welcome to the Robert Aronov Law Group: Call (877) 529-6699 for a flat fee expedited closing customized for your needs. We can provide you with a fast and free quote on any residential or commercial real estate transaction. We were born and raised in Queens and have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with any property related issues in Queens. From closings, to deed transfers, to landlord-tenant issues and evictions we can help you with anything related to a property. We have 6 locations all across NY for your convenience.

Our state-of-the-art closing tactics offer our clients the ability to save thousands of dollars by avoiding future legal hiccups. We have the experience and tactics necessary to ensure you real estate purchase or sale will never run into any issues in the future. Thank you for visiting the legacy website for our firm. Call one of our legal representatives today for help with your property closing. We invite you to visit our official Queens real estate website today and learn more about our legal offerings.

Real Estate Closing Attorney Secrets

One of the secrets to being successful at buying and selling real estate is having proper legal representation. It is important that everything from the drawing up of the contract to the title and lien issues be sorted out properly. Nobody wants to invest in a property that may have a outstanding violation from the NYC Department Of Housing. Likewise, if there are any issues with the legality or engineering of the structure you must find out about them as soon as possible. As you can see there are many reasons that closing with an attorney is important. Attempting to have a “do it yourself” attitude when it comes to real estate is very naive. A well written contract will help you avoid nasty court battles years after the property was acquired. If you are skeptical you should call some qualified NY attorneys right now and start asking them the different issues that can arise when purchasing real property. For example, it is known that Forest Hills real estate & Coops have had many legal issues over the past years. The boards policies along with the age of the buildings can create many legal intricacies. Call today and learn more about responsible closings on properties.

Crucial Advantages Of Hiring An Estate Lawyer

Once you’ve decided begin preparing for estate planning, you will need to be very precise with each document. One mistaken word or a missing initial can cause unexpected changes in your estate plan. Specifically, both local and state laws are very technical with regards to your power of attorney as well as who you can have to represent your interests in your estate planning.

Laws vary from each state and a few wrong words can null and void your estate papers. With the help of an estate planning lawyer, you can keep this from happening by having someone help you oversee your legal rights and give you proper instructions. In some cases, people that want to work on their estate planning papers usually start by looking up the process online and by getting a living will or other estates documents in the hopes that it will be valid and legally binding — this is a big mistake that can potentially waste your time and complicate matters as you work on the entire process of estate planning.


There have been some cases of people preparing their own documents and are satisfied with them but don’t bother to check if the documents they’ve prepared are conducive to their situation or if what they’ve accomplished follows all legal protocol. Your family will be the ones who will suffer from your attempts to handle a serious matter with do-it-yourself documents and your last wishes may not be granted.



You must inform your estate planning lawyer about what you want to happen with your estate when you are no longer alive. Keep in mind that a family member or someone you trust must know where you intend to keep a copy of all your important documents such as your living will, power of attorney, insurance papers, codes to your bank account, and keys to your safety deposit boxes. Keeping extra copies of all your important documents in a single place or a safe-box that is fireproof is also a good way to prevent anything from happening to the original copies. You might also have the option to have it held by your elder lawyer.


Situations that estate planning lawyers can help with


Below is a list of circumstances that should be considered when making preparations for estate planning.


  • You own a business

  • You own a property or real estate in other states

  • You want to give or donate a portion of your estate to charities of your choice

  • You don’t have any children

  • You have son(s) and or daughter(s) that are below the ages of 15 years old.

If any of the following matches your current situation,  You need to visit our official Queens probate & estate lawyer website to make sure that your assets and last wishes are properly executed the way you want. You do not want to put your assets at risk by not seeking help with a professional estate planning lawyer. It is in your best interests to secure your properties and assets by consulting an attorney.

Local Estate Laws: Woodside, Far Rockaway & Ozone Park Area

When you hear the word ‘Estate’, it refers to the things you worked for including your house, money in bank accounts, stock investments, cars, mutual funds, businesses, life insurance and other assets that you earned through your hard work. The importance of proper estate planning is easily overseen and can be stressful. But without proper estate planning, it will be a massive inconvenience for your beneficiaries to deal with given all the requirements in setting your estate.


The best way to approach the matter is by having well-prepared estate planning documents and to look for the best estate planning lawyer for your family. The qualifications of the attorney to look for include the following criteria:

Experienced Professional


When picking the right lawyer for your estate make sure they are professional and experienced so that your real estate and other assets will be safe. A lawyer that values your importance as a client and makes it a point to establish a great relationship with you is also very important. Your local estate attorney should give you counseling that comes with excellent listening skills in order to understand your priorities and your end goals. Your lawyer must maintain a degree of professionalism and also be approachable so that you can communicate on all levels at all times. There will be times that you will need to discuss sensitive issues with your family and lawyer. The lawyer should remain focused and respect every detail of your wishes whilst providing legal advice on all relevant matters; giving you your available options along with the ramifications of each choice.

Reliable and Trustworthy


Estate planning deals with a lot of your assets. So when picking the right legal professional, make it a top priority to find one that is trustworthy and reliable. Your lawyer must also consider all of your needs above everything. They must be dedicated to ensuring your family’s needs are met as well. Another important factor to consider is that the estate planning lawyer should have the right set of values. You can determine if your estate planning lawyer has these qualities if they provides you with legal advice and suggestions that are morally sound.




A committed lawyer is, by all means, the lawyer that you should look for. This quality is probably the most important trait a lawyer must have on every aspect. Your estate planning lawyer should be committed to working on all of the details in your estate and will be able to easily work with your insurance professional, accountant, and investment adviser. Your lawyer must be methodical when handling your estate plans as it is a long process that should be done with precision and thoroughness.

An estate planning attorney with these qualities can assure you that your estate plans will be completed the way you want it to be. It may take some time and effort but once you find a lawyer with all the aforementioned qualities, they will certainly be worth your time, effort, and most importantly, they will be worth your money.

If you live in in Woodside, Far Rockaway, South Ozone Park or anywhere else in Queens click here now and schedule an appointment today.

Owning Real Estate & Declaring Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is by far, the most common choice when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. But among all chapters of bankruptcy filings, Chapter 13 is the second most common choice and together with the new law, a lot of debtors will definitely find themselves filing for Chapter 13. Chapter 7 has its own complications including the new salary limitations which may lead people to go for chapter 13. This and other few newly added regulations have caused quite a stir, leading people to choose more carefully between their options.

The truth among all this is that no matter what chapter you choose, if you’re not qualified for chapter 7, you are not eligible to file for it at all. You will have to file for a good alternative to suit your needs. Eligibility issues aside, many people would still opt for Chapter 13 because it has several options to offer that no other chapter does.


Here are some of the cases in which Chapter 13 would be applicable as the best alternative for the debtor.


1. You own a house


Chapter 13 does have some major inconvenience that individuals may not be so willing to agree on. It might take 3 to 5 years for this type of claim to be discharged. Also, the debtor must pay for those debts and they will not be written off instantly like chapter 7 claims. But this chapter tends to have less troublesome effects on assets such as personal properties as it works just like a repayment plan.


Real Estate is one of the most important things that a person can purchase. When filing for chapter 7, there’s a higher risk of your house getting repossessed. Unlike chapter 7, in chapter 13 bankruptcy your properties won’t be in danger of being repossessed provided that you successfully repay the debt. Individual homeowners usually prefer to pay back their existing debt for the assurance of keeping their real property safe.


2. You have a non-dischargeable debt(s)

Non-dischargeable debts are debts that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy; these include, but are not limited to: alimony debt, child support, student loans, etc.. Chapter 7 might not be worth it cases like these. It is true that the rest of your debts will be eliminated but the remaining ones will have to be paid. However, proceeding with chapter 13 might be wiser so you have the option to work out a repayment plan for the remaining debt.

3. Your Co-signer on one of the loans you have

Having a co-signer always gives a boost on the loan approval or mortgage rate and most of the time, people have their friends or family members as a co-signer. Remember: once somebody agrees to be a co-signer on your behalf, they become an immediate co-debtor. Proven that you are unable to repay any of this debt and you have decided to proceed filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debts will be discharged on your end, but not for your co-signer. Instead of creditors going onto your doorsteps pressuring you, they will go after the co-debtors instead. Chapter 13, however, does not pose a threat to the co-debtor. As a matter of fact, creditors will never harass that person if you keep up with your debts with the repayment program.


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